Scan your computer for large directories and get details

If you find your hard drive space is running low, this program will examine your system for large directories and generate a report that will allow you to see at a glance where all your storage is being used and let you free up anything that you don't need.


  • AssessTree scans disk drives for large folders and generates reports based on the gathered data
  • Will work with any local or network (mapped or UNC) drive or folder
  • Useful for finding folders (or users) that are using a lot of space
  • Data sortable on Folder Name, Branch Size or Node Size
  • Options to restrict listed/report folders to a Size and/or Depth Limit
  • Options to restrict listed/report folders to those that name does/does not contain the specified text
  • Stand-alone executable. No install required. Includes self-referencing link creation/deletion code

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